Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thanks a lot, Thanksgiving.

I got sick again over Thanksgiving weekend. I actually know of three people that puked on or around the day, but my ills were different. I had the worst fever I've had in years. Controlling my body temperature became next to impossible. I spent a lot of time on the couch. I woke up in the guest bed several times thinking I'd wet the bed but turned out to be drenched in sweat. Oh well, at least my Momsers was there to take care of me! That felt nice.

But before the illness attacked, I made sweet potato gnocchi this year as my dish at Thanksgiving. That and my old classic, chocolate meringue pie, which I hadn't made in years. The gnocchi turned out great but it took me longer than I'd thought to meticulously cut each piece and press with a fork and try to keep in that shape until tossed into boiling water. I ended up participating in the family prayer with flour-covered hands. My sister-in-law, Pilar and boyfriend forced to hold onto my elbows and not my hands. I then joined the table halfway through the meal because the brown butter wouldn't stop foaming. ANYWAY! It turned out DELICIOUS. And relatively easy if you exclude the hooplah and crowding of a kitchen full of people trying to finish their own Thanksgiving day dish. It was all amazing. My sister-in-law, Amy is lactose intolerant and so there were vegan varieties of a few dishes. And the mashed potatoes were delicious despite not being filled with cream cheese and sour cream. We used margarine and chicken broth and they were perfect. Especially with giblet gravy all over it...

I'd like to go back to my parents' house now!!!!

Did I mention they moved into a new house since my last visit? Coming "home" to a new house was interesting. I sorta felt like I was in a hotel the whole time. A hotel with a closet full of my old stuff, I guess. It was a big, nice house. And the master bathroom had an enormous bathtub, which is one of the things I miss about living at home the most. No room for bathtubs in NY! I took three baths during my 5-day stay, and loved every minute of them. Wastes water... but you know, it was a treat.

So here I am back on my blog, I guess. Sorry, I've been gone too long! I've been busy. It's so strange to read about how lonely I used to be and how desperate I was to perform. I am spoiled with amazing opportunities these days, on a weekly basis!

Oh! My mom gave me an early Christmas present since I won't see them then and I haven't been able to put it down! Check it out at your local comic book shop or book store. It's called Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic. An amazing and sad story. I wish I was better with adjectives. Really, it is fantastic though.


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